Our Philosophy

Most of the tour operators, are essentially booking agents, who are hiring local companies for the actual operations to do the ground transportation and guiding. This said in a different way, you do the booking to one person but it is another person with whom you have never met before, that takes over at desitination.  We are physically present throughout the  tour.  That is, We acompany  you  from the begining of the tour until the end of your visit.  During Masai Mara tour, we personaly participate in the Masai colourful culture alongside you  . This is the unique selling point of HMM-safaris, because we are the only one who are founded and led by a member of the Massai community. Muthoni will take you to the masai village to visit  her relatives.  Beside she is a scientist, who can share  a lot of interesting information  about the different ethnic  groups  of Kenya. She speaks some German with room for improvement . On the other hand, Herbert  will take  care of you right from the point at which booking is done and accompany  you on the tour until the end. 
Our tours are „all inclusive“ which means starting at Nairobi airport with no extra costs for transfers, entrance fees to game parks etc.
Herbert and Muthoni will be with you on the tour and take care that everything is smooth and pleasant. 
If you like it – tell your friends, if you dislike anything – tell us 

We also support the charity action ‘‘world bicycle relief which provides  bicycles to African students. The bicycles offer an alternative, cheaper and faster mode of transport. It also saves students from walking long distances to and from school through hostile environment. Students  riding bicycles to and from school accord them ample time which can be used to engange in other productive activities. Such as,  doing their homework, leisure among other innovative activities. These improves students overall performance in school and also offer better mobility. For every safari sold we donate one bicycle to a needy student who walks through thorny bushs barfoot for several kilometers to school.