The Big Kenya tour


Day 1
Pick up from Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi and drop off at your hotel.  Introductory remarks and a brief information on cultures, customs and practices of different communities found in kenya will be done in the evening.
Day 2 
Visit  Karen Blixen Museum and  thereafter the Giraffe Center. Although it is not the open savanna, you can get really close to the animals and even feed them. 


Day 3
Leave Nairobi for a drive to one of the biggest game parks in Kenya ,Maasai Mara. Situated right at the centre of Maasai land. Upon  arrival, we  will visit a Maasai village, which are the most renowned tribe in Eastern Africa. They will welcome us with traditional dances , show us their huts and tell us a lot about their way of life.

We shall then proceed to check into  our Lodge for a brief rest and later we leave for a first game drive.

Day 4
Spend the whole day in the Maasai mara savanna to see wildlife.

Day 5
Visit Nakuru National Park. Where we will see our first rhinos.

Day 6
A visit to ITEN , a beautiful country town with rugged landscape overlooking Kerio valley. It is the home of the keiyo  (sub groups of Kalenjins) community who are   renowned  world Marathon record holders. Infact,  it hosts over 300 hundred runners who meet daily for trainings. The running talent can be attributed to the fact they were hunters and gatherres who covered long distances by foot. Running is still their way of life. School kids still run to school to cover the long distance to get to school.   
Day 7
Lake Naivasha , a fresh water lake outside Naivasha town

Hells Gate National park. This is a geothermal region with dozens of hot springs fizzle out of the underground like geysers.  The landscape hase  deep canyons, gorges and volcanic Plug such as fischer‘s tower  for those who want to do  rock climbering.

We have several options to spend the day. Either on a mountainbike sharing the road with zebras, giraffes, monkeys and gazelles, or hiking through some of the gorgeous canyons, or just cruise around by the safari car.

Day 9
Head to Amboseli national park from Naivasha  through Nairobi capital city. Amboseli is famous for its herd of elephants and you  can see the snowcap of Mout Kilimanjaro. More interesting view of the mountain is sighted when you  climb to the  view point at the top of a hill located right inside Amboseli park.

Day 10
spend the whole day in Amboseli

Day 11
We switch to the nearby Tsavo West National Park where we can expect a magnificent spectacle in the evening. Here we shall be watching  hundreds of wild animals coming to drink water in a small pond in front of the lodge.  It is a  unique experience to get closer to a herd of about 30 to 40 elephants with their young ones dipping their trunks into a fountain right beside the terrace along the lodge.

Day 12
Head to Mombasa with a cultural  detour to the Mijikenda community. This is a Bantu ethinic group, composed of 9 sub- groups inhabiting the coast of kenya. we shall visit Kaya Fugo which is a sacred forest of Mijikenda people and has been inscribed as a  UNCESCO world heritage site. Muthoni and Herbert have been officially accepted during a former visit to the Giriamas who are a sub group of the mijikenda people. This entitles us to come back any time and also bring some friends with us to learn about their customs and dances. This shouldn’t happen wearing T-shirts, shorts or jeans. All members of our group will be fitted with these traditional dresses which you can take  as a souvenir

DAY 13-14
Dedicated to relaxation at the dreamlike white sandy beaches of Dianii at the Indian Ocean.

Day 15