Important Informations

Passport, Visa

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Your passport has to be valid at least 6 month after entry to Kenya

You need a visa for Kenya. You apply online at 

 Usually you get it within 2 days. You print it and show it together with your passport at the airport. 


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For Kenya there are no vaccinations required. To be sure contact your family doctor for advise about possibly additional vaccinations or medical checks.
This doesn't refer to CORONA. The regulations referring to this are subject to change very often. Please contact us or the kenyan embassy.

Travel Insurance

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We recommand you a sufficient travel insurance including cancellation, medical treatment and backhaul. We like to provide advice.

Deposit / Cancellation

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With the booking a deposit of 20 % is payable
The rest is payable 30 days before travelling date

Cancellation fee until day 51 before travelling date               20 %
from day 50 before travelling date                                                  70 %
from day 2 before travelling date                                                     80 %


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We recommand to use only soft bags since hard-top cases can be stowed not very easy in a safari car 

Packing list

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passport + copy (in case of a loss)
credit card
light summer dress
warmer, long sleeved dress for cool evenings and mornings
casual slacks
shsort sleeved shirts or t-shirts
Jogging boots
rain cover
head cover against sun
Sandals or crocs (for overland tours, hotel, shower,...)
spare spectacles
sanitary articles
travel clock
sunscreen, lip balm
insect repellent
plug, respectively adapter
gang plug (for photo camara,, mobile phone, electric toothbrush  etc.
headlamp (for the visit to the maasai village)
mobile phone
photo equipment with plenty accus and memory cards
recharger for photo camera and mobile phone
snacks (e.g. energie bars)

Please don't bring any plastic bags!!! It is unlawful to bring them to Kenya
For bringing a drone see "local laws".


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In the handluggage you should carry all essential things (in case your case is lost) like air ticket, credit cards, insurance data, telephone numbers e.g. if the credit card is lost, cash, camera. We also recommand to bring a head cover, since due to the air condition there often ist a cool vent in the plane.


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The Kenyan currency is the Kenyan Shilling (KES). One euro is about 128.- KES (july 2021)


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updated soon


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There are more then 40 tribes and languages in Kenya. Official languages are Kiswahili and English. English ist taught in the school from first class on and almost everybody is speaking it.

Mosquito net

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Mosquitos are coming up especially aduring sunset. For this time you should bring trousers and a long sleeve top. And an insect repellent for face and hands. You don't need to bring a mosquito net, since it is available in each hotel where it is necessary.


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Black outs are rather common in Kenya. But the hotels have mostely emergency genereators. The tension is 240 volt and three-legged plugs are in use. You should bring such a plug, respectively we have a limited number of adapters to borrow.

Local Laws

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It is unlawful to import or use plastic bags to and in Kenya.
To use a drone in Kenya it is necessary to have a license. If you arrive without license the customs collect it and give it back only when leaving the country again.


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Unless you prohibit expressly so HMM-Safaris reserves the right of taking photos or videos from its safaris and the participants and to use them for promotional use without payment.