Born of a Massai mother and a Kikuyu father, I grew up in a farm at the slopes of Aberdare Ranges, well known for their cool mountain climate. During my childhood, I had the opportunity to interact closely with a variety of farm animals and birds including my cat, pigeon and a big black dog which I loved very much. I also took care of birds that froze and fell from tree branches during the cold June-July season to resilience.  As a little girl, nature fascinated me. In the morning I listened to different bird‘s melodies and sang alongside them. Sometimes I even initiated the doves call and was very thrilled to evoke their response. It was mersmerising to watch weaverbirds wedding ceremony, I enjoyed to see the male birds dance, perform acrobats and sing to attract females into their weaved nests hanging on tree branches. Occasionally cheetahs visited our homestead and preyed on our livestock. The graceful Columbus monkeys would jump and hop from one tree branch to the next.  While antelopes danced in our carrot fields as they feasted. How wonderful it was to discover hares hiding from predators in our orchard. Hyenas inhabited the valley downstream near our homestead. Their laughter at night was a constant reminder that they could dislodge my arm, as they often did to the cows’ udder. Beautiful green-black and white-black pecked butterflies brightened my day. I enjoyed chasing them on my way to and from school. 

My parents gave me good education in the best national schools in the country. I am a graduate of The University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University and currently teaching at Kenyatta University with up to 400 students in my classes. Over the years, I have worked in multi-cultural institutions which has given me a broader perspective, understanding and respect for different cultures. 

I am widely travelled across Europe, America, Canada, Seychelles and several African countries. And in each destination, I have stayed for an extensive period with local families. Due to my specialty in gender, criminology and development studies, I carry out gender and anthropological research countrywide that has enabled me to interact with diverse cultures in different regions.  Thus, giving me in-depth knowledge and understanding about culture, customs and traditions of the 42 ethnic groups we have in Kenya. I have learnt to appreciate cultural diversity and can speak five different local languages beside English, Kiswahili and working knowledge in German. 

Over the years, I have maintained a close relationship with my mother‘s Maasai relatives who still are living in a traditional set-up. This good connections with my Maasai kins will accord my guests a rare opportunity not only to visit a Massai homestead for for a few hours but also to stay there overnight and to participate in their most interesting daily activities and ceremonies. Such as; wedding ceremony, driving the cows to the grazing fields amidst wild animals, participate watching Maasai women milking cows in the evening. Also participate in Maasai dances, making beads, cooking, etc. My guests and I will be staying overnight inside a Maasai village, surrounded by a thorn bush fence to keep off wild animals. I will be greatly honored to show you my homeland Kenya and its interesting diversity. WELCOME   



As a teacher by profession, I taught  sports and geography in a Höhere Schule in Vienna for 20 years. While still teaching, I took a one  year sabbatical leave  in order to visit all ski areas from  Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, the tip of south America. Thereafter, I left my teaching career to take up self- employment. I was the founder of Austrias first fitness studio, opened the first cross country ski school  and also did Inn-keeping alongside running an event agency and a youth hostel. Although currently a  pensioneer, I have not  retired from active life. I still engage in  my favorite sport- biking where I enter championships for senior category. I have won several gold, silver and bronze  medals from senior olympics as well as from world championships. In 2014 and 2018, I together with three friends participated in the Race Across America for our age group category and emerged winners both  times. Muthoni and I would like to show you her beautiful and fascinating home country, Kenya. Having organised tours for xc-skiers and mountain bikers to Lapland, USA, Morocco, Vietnam and S-Africa for many years, I plan to utilise my expertise and  experiences to make you enjoy  your tour to Africa with comfort. 

by the way ... I am the one in the red T-Shirt

Our fleet includes passenger cars, 4 x 4 safari cars and also big motor coaches